No secrets here! (Well, maybe just one….)

Possibly the most frequently asked question about my business is…”Where do you get your things to sell?!?”  And my answer has become that of my late grandmother, “Can you keep a secret?”  I watch the customer, wide-eyed, slip closer as if they are about to hear the most wonderful secret in the world.  Nodding yes, I whisper to them, “So can I!”

Now, I say that not to be mean, but let’s face it….would you go into any other retail store and ask that question?  I think not!  But what I will tell you is that I shop and shop and shop to bring you the absolute best items I can find at the absolute best prices.  Which leads to my second most asked question….. “Why are you only open 3 days/week?”  And my answer is some rendition of the fact that in order to bring a new and creative look weekly, I take a day to shop, a day to paint and a day to re-create the rooms of this ‘ol house, which leaves three days to be open.  Because Sunday….is my time with my husband and a time to rest and refresh!

In line with all of that is the fact that not everything in my store is true vintage.  Much of it simply has a vintage appeal… in other words, I try to always have new items here as well (such as the paintings from local artist Lynn Driver) and gift items galore for all occasions.  Which brings me to my most current secret revealed.  (Lean in closer….you don’t want to miss this!)

It’s certainly no secret that one of my beginnings was in having a booth space at Country Creations in downtown Brevard.  I still shop there frequently for my own home decor.  I remember and appreciate the effort that vendors put into their booth spaces (myself included!), and I like to support those vendors in every way I can.  And while I do not make it a practice to consign other vendor’s wares in my shop, I do look for other vendors whose tastes are much as my own, and you better believe I will scoop up their wares whenever I can!

On one such venture into Country Creations, I noticed a new vendor had acquired a space there and I was immediately drawn to her work.  Much of it had a shabby chic appearance, some of it crossed over into French Country and Farmhouse styles.  But all of it was quality, and I was impressed.  So I began to purchase her items…..and I took her card, intending to give her a call at some point.

Weeks later, I was surprised when this lovely vendor actually made a visit to my shop!  She  introduced herself and I am sure I practically fell all over her in my excitement.  Fast forward a month later, and herein lies my secret revealed….

IMG_9838I purchased my first piece for Burlap & Lace from Stephanie’s Creations…and there began what I hope will be yet another lasting relationship for my sweet little business.  As I said, Stephanie’s work is quality, and totally in line with my taste in decor.  And while you can certainly also find her creations at Country Creations (and I encourage you to do so!),  you will begin to see some of her pieces here as well.

There are many things in this life that I consider blessings.  One is Stephanie Schuster, and God’s timing in bringing her to me.  Because as much as I love finding and painting my own furniture pieces, it is no secret at all that this season in my life (i.e. broken foot) has kept me from being able to do the shopping and the painting that I love so much.  So hats off to Stephanie’s Creations!  Let me show you her newest addition here… a gorgeous French Country chair….to use with the desk, or alone in a bedroom, sitting room, family room….why any room!

So as you shop at Burlap & Lace in the future, help me welcome Stephanie’s Creations to her second home in Brevard….and remember to shop her booth at Country Creations as well!

‘Tis the season….and I’m feeling generous, so while I’m on a roll I’ll let you in on just a couple more of my secrets….IMG_9852I love ironstone and I love linens!  So to be sure, you will find those pieces in my shop year-round…

I also love being in the kitchen at home….it’s where the best conversations take place and the sweetest things are made…. so items to help you entertain or simply just enjoy being in your own kitchen will always be found here!  While I really don’t enjoy wearing an apron, if I must..I will always choose a vintage one!  And why not have one for every season?  I have several Christmas ones to choose from here.

And glassware….these fun polka dot glasses are new….perfect for those before dinner cocktails, iced tea or any cold beverage!   And mugs!  I love my coffee and so I purposefully have a variety of different mugs to choose from at my house. Why not have the same here for you to choose from?  These holiday mugs are new as well….and quite special!

Next secret….(can you believe how much I am revealing to you?!?)….I love birds, plants and anything that has to do with the outdoors basically.  So again, these things will always grace the shelves of Burlap & Lace, and I will endeavor to always show you new and inventive ways to use/display them.

IMG_9845Last secret of the day is that I love thinking outside the box.  While you may see the same items in the shop week to week, you will rarely see them used the same way.  This vintage tree stand for instance…what a fun candle holder for your holiday table! And as Christmas ends but Winter lingers, why not replace the candle with a glass or globe and add some sprigs of greenery on the bottom and some pine cones within the glass?

Now, for some of my favorite additions this week…..

IMG_9853My grandfather, when he was living, made these as toys for my boys.  I’m not sure if they enjoyed them more or if we adults did!  They are button toys made from wood and string.  Come in and ask for a demonstration!  They make great stocking stuffers and are a fun diversion from the electronic toys of today (i.e. the only noise they make is the giggles from those using them!).

IMG_9848Burlap & Lace tote bags have arrived!  Great for tucking in your car and having as you shop!  Also perfect for books, travel toys and a whole host of other things….only 5 left so don’t wait to get yours!

IMG_9851My newest “fun” addition to the holiday kitchen is this dip sleigh….the elf is actually a cheese spreader!  Simply add your dip to the sleigh, put the sleigh on a white plate filled with crackers and you’re ready to entertain those hungry guests!

IMG_9854Got a grinch in your house?  Cheer him/her up with this fun sack wall or door hanging….

IMG_9840And just because Christmas comes and goes that doesn’t mean you have to put away all your decor.  This snowman is perfect for your door through the winter months and gives a hint of spring with that birdhouse….love this!

Why not keep a stocking on hand for that unexpected guest who is blessed to come to your home this season? And you have have extra blankets to warm you by the fire (and a tobacco stick ladder to hang them on when not in use?).  And don’t forget that architectural salvage pieces are always among the decor options at Burlap &  Lace….they simply bring an essence of time past back to the present day and make great conversation pieces for your family and friends who visit.

So I leave you with this….Spring will surely come, but until then, drop in at Burlap & Lace for daily surprises and much-needed peace during the busiest time of the year.  My prayer is that you will always feel welcomed here, and find a place of soothing relaxation for your soul.




Vintage old…and Vintage new…

IMG_6410I’m taking a walk down memory lane this morning…counting my blessings and the many things I have to be thankful for.  I’ll start with the greatest blessing of all…..salvation through my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of His great love for us, my HubE and I can celebrate 34 years of marriage minus a huge, ugly burp in the middle.  But even with that burp stage (divorce), God faithfully restored all that was lost, and has made our marriage so much richer and sweeter.  I praise Him for that.

The birth of Burlap & Lace as a storefront occurred in March of 2017.  From its humble beginnings at the 500′ office space turned storefront to the amazing 1915 home it now embodies, the journey has – to this point – been far more than I ever would have expected.

From the receipt of my first dollar at the first space to my first dollar at the second space, it’s never been about the money, but more about the people I have met.  And for that I am incredibly thankful.

IMG_9367The name Burlap & Lace, if you recall, originated from the story of my sister and me.  (Read back on the blog for the story of that journey!)  To this day, you will find remnants of those items in the shop.  But as my youngest child likes to remind me, the shop will always be vintage-inspired because “Mom, you ARE vintage!”.  I smile at that truth.

IMG_6263And if you haven’t met my sister until now know that she has been with me throughout the whole journey, and I thank God for our friendship and love of everything cottage, farmhouse, antique, rusty and beautiful.  From ironstone pitchers to architectural pieces, we share a love for the very things that make our houses more into homes for us.

While you might not wear these antique boots today, why not stuff some flowers in them and use as a doorstop?  Pretty unique idea and you can change the flowers out seasonally!

While I definitely have vintage decor to choose from, I have introduced some newer items this season that would make fabulous gifts….

IMG_9404Wine bags….paintings by local artist, Lynn Driver…

Calligraphy wall decor, snowmen from vintage fabrics & buttons – both crafted by local artisans…. beer soap (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!) and candles by Inglenooks Soaps….

Pillows and fun decor…..and still, there is room for the truly “old” vintage and farmhouse appeal as well….

choose from a variety of hankies, or a random ornament package…

Window buntings and kitchen Santas….

Fun kitchen decor (or go ahead and use these tree baking tins), and homemade signs by yours truly.

And for those of you who want to capitalize on the benefits of a year-end sale just beginning, let me whet your appetite with an array of Fall items and home decor items marked down 50% from the already reduced prices….


Linens… and lamps, furniture and decor…

And maybe just a little bit more….

See anything you like?  Capitalize on Small Biz Saturday and shop local!

And from my home to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving…



He’s not done with me yet!

This should have been me today, but oh no…..I am usually the one you would NEVER find sitting around….always doing the heavy lifting that three men and a boy usually do.  And today, my stubbornness cost me dearly….in more ways than one….

and it’s the first day I’ve cried at Burlap &  Lace.

Let’s just leave it at this….I was trying to help someone by carrying a small dresser to the door for them (and if my husband is reading this I am going to be in so much trouble when I get home tonight!), but as I sat it down and turned around to get the drawers for it all in one swift motion, one of the legs of the dresser was obviously not on the ground well and the piece tumbled off the step and landed upside down.  A piece was broken off the corner of the dresser, and one of the drawers was broken.  Although the drawer was easily fixable and I immediately set out to make the situation right in every way I could, the situation allowed things to be said and done that hurt me to the core.  So I did what every good newbie shop owner would do….I made it right financially for the couple, fixed the drawer and once they were on their way, I walked inside and dissolved in tears.  Not so much because of them, but because of the inadequacy I immediately felt flood through me.

And the day continued on that path with one difficult situation after the other.  I was beginning to let that become my focus until I remembered my morning time with the Lord.  “Give thanks in all things”….

Yes, Lord.  Thank You that I have two feet and I am able to walk.  Thank You that You bring people to my sweet little shop that YOU want to come here.  Thank You for friends who come  in with kind, supportive words and with cookies warm from the oven.  Thank You for those that make me laugh….out loud even!  Thank You for meeting every need I have….spiritually, financially, mentally, physically.  Thank You that at the end of this work day, this is what I get to go home to…..

IMG_9349Thank You for leaves that lay on our grass, bringing awareness to me that the season is changing, and You are still changing me from glory to glory…..perfecting me to be more like Your image every day.

I feel a bit like that broken corner of the dresser with my broken foot in this boot still, but I rejoice that I CAN do all things through Christ Who gives me strength! And while I will keep on believing that I can move mountains, please….until I get both feet healed completely, be understanding and bring help with you to move those great pieces you buy from me.  I really do appreciate your business, but most of all….I appreciate that you know I’m doing my very best to bring you a cozy place to shop and be with friends.  And that is exactly what I consider each of you…friends.



Sharing the things you are thankful for

With the purchase of the turkey and the details of the meal being carefully considered, it might escape us to remember why we are celebrating.  Thanksgiving isn’t something taught.  It’s a way of life, a rhythm of your heart if you will.  And I suggest that the best way to celebrate the things we are thankful for is to daily celebrate them, and share them.

IMG_9185Celebrate your family…

This is my husband.   He is my witness to the good, the bad and the ugly in my life, day in and day out.  Nothing escapes his notice…not my attitude (good or bad) and not the way I share life with him and those I meet daily.  He encourages me to be all that God has made me to be….daily.  And so I celebrate him – the integrity that he walks in, the way he loves God and through that relationship loves me well, the forgiveness he shows me when I fail.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me!

IMG_9243Celebrate your home…

My grandmother used to tell us, “Little birds in their nest must agree!”  The point was that we all lived within a small space, and we best learn to get along!  Whether your home is a pallet on the ground or a towering home among the pines, celebrate that you have a place to rest your head.  A home is built from the love you pour into it and the prayers you pour over it.  Celebrate your home.  And share it with those that God brings your way.

IMG_8876Celebrate the food you eat…

Likely, you are not among those who have ever known starvation.  Granted, we complain about our weight, the clothes that don’t fit and often the food we have to eat.  But did you just read that?  The food we have….to…  Celebrate that you have food.  And drink.  Fresh water is a blessing.  And share what you have with others.  You never know who may need what you have to give.

One of the things that I thank the Lord for daily is Burlap & Lace….the little shop that He has given me to share with you.  I don’t take that lightly.  I have said, and mean it, that if you simply want to come grab a bottle of water from the frig and sit on the porch among friends, do it!  You are always welcome!

Until we meet on the porch…




Deck the halls…

IMG_9231Christmas is a favorite time of year for me…..the smells of pine, fir and balsam as we tromp through the fields in search of the perfect tree… digging out the stockings to hang by the chimney (or from the banister)….searching for the perfect gifts to give….all of these things help to make the season one of remembrance for me.

Last week was a highlight at Burlap & Lace as I literally decked out the entire house (minus one room for my Fall Sale) in Christmas attire!  New items will be added throughout the rest of this month and next, so don’t assume you have “seen it all” from one week to the next!

Vintage, of course, is in play in nearly every room.  From the whimsical Santa to the elegant choirboy of the 60’s, and not forgetting the reindeer from the 50’s that light their way through the darkest night – you will find plenty to make you smile and to bring a memory or two.

Lynn has been painting for me again and I love showcasing all she has done!

IMG_9239As you think of decorating your own spaces this holiday, think of ways you can add whimsy alongside practicality….for instance, take in this green door that came straight from a local camp!  It’s the perfect addition to a bedroom to allow guests to hang their towels on.  And when not in use for your guests, throw a garland over the top and add a stocking for wreath to add decor and fancy to your room!  Even the vintage hamper is a great addition, allowing your guests to feel at home in your home this holiday!  Why should they have to stuff their dirty clothes back into their suitcase before their trip is over?

Need a hostess gift for the office party?  Why not choose from the items in the kitchen?  Lots of stemware, serving dishes and pitchers to choose from….

Need a different suggestion?  Why not choose one of these festive wine bottle holders?  No wrapping necessary!  Or pick a stocking and fill it with a variety of small items.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful surprise for any host or hostess?!?

IMG_9230Holiday pillows add a touch of class to any location….from a bed to a chair to a shelf!

Pick a dress form and set it in any room for added fun!  This one is ready to serve you!  (By the way, there are numerous holiday aprons to choose from as well….fun to wear OR to decorate with!).

I would be amiss after all this “show” not to reveal to you the real reason I celebrate this season.  Jesus Christ…..who was “in the beginning” and came to earth in the form of man…with one mission…. to purchase my life back from the death sentence I had because of my own foolish ways.  Because of His death, he paid the ransom for not only me, but you as well!  And because of my faith in Him, I can claim eternity with Him as He reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords over all creation!  To Him be the glory….forever!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year

IMG_8856Little did I think when I began a retail business that Christmas preparations would need to begin before I had eaten my Thanksgiving turkey!  But such appears to be true!  And I am excited to tell you that Burlap & Lace will be one of 12 businesses participating in the first annual Christmas Crawl on November 11th!  You can start in Brevard at Burlap & Lace and make your way to Weaverville, visiting stores that will all be boasting Vintage Christmas appeal that day.  And I am pleased to announce that Anita will be on site with me that day hosting her Vintage Tea Party for you!  (She was with me on opening day….what a treat!)

All that being said, I have decided to deviate from my regular “change it every week” disclaimer and let Burlap & Lace dwindle down on Fall this last week of October.  Now don’t be thinking there will be nothing exciting or new for you to find though….on the contrary!  What you will most certainly find are LOTS of savings and LOTS of deals on Fall items, furniture wares, and all other manner of things.  Let’s take a peak at what you don’t want to pass by this coming week…

All real pumpkins have to go!  I have three white left and one round orange one, now all reduced to just $4 each!   The smaller ones are now $.25 each….better grab them while they last!  Oh, and one lovely green gourd is now $4 as well.

While wintering ferns is possible, I simply forget to water inside plants.  So this beautiful baby must find a new home.  I have two ferns at $1 each and this lovely larger one for $8.  Two cornstalks are ready to grace your porch at just $7 each!  And I have two mums in baskets marked down as well.  My last summer beauty on the porch is my favorite planter so far….this vintage file bin!  Some green thumb could keep this plant alive all winter in a sunny room….it takes very little water and a whole lot of sunlight.  The bin alone is a steal at just $20!

Let’s talk furniture….in the upper left picture, this child’s washbasin stand has worn out it’s welcome at Burlap & Lace.  It’s an antique piece that has been converted nicely into a side table/bedside table with one drawer and two shelves in the bottom cabinet.  Honestly, it has been a favorite of mine but has drawn little attention.  The fact that it has rollers for feet makes it quite movable.  So, what was once $145 is now…..(drum roll please)…$35!  You really should check this piece out!

In the next picture is a fabulous tobacco stake shelf.  While I have had this in my garden room since bringing it to  Burlap & Lace, I truly think this piece belongs on a porch as a garden shelf, or in a bedroom or den as a bookcase.  Marked originally at $156, this shelf can go home with you for $115!  It is definitely one of a kind.

In the bottom left picture is a hutch that has also gotten many accolades, but to date has not found the right home for it. I see this piece in any and every room of your home:  In a den as the obvious, a bookcase; in a kitchen to hold china, mixing bowls, mixer and recipe books; in a bathroom displaying rolled or folded towels on the shelves and baskets or canisters of bath products behind the sliding leaded glass doors; in a bedroom with shoes on the shelves and sweaters neatly folded behind the glass doors; in a laundry room with glass jars of washing powder and other laundry products and the bottom shelves to house baskets of dog toys, children’s’ hats and gloves or any other numerous but homeless items!  This piece, solidly priced at $574.95 has been reduced to just $350!

The cupboard, once a Hoosier, was $346.50 and is now $200.  Grey hutch was $155 and is now $100.

Can you believe there is still more?  From top left to bottom right:  Cradle was $74.95, now $15.  Farm table with red legs was $184.95, now $125.  Ornate dresser was $540, now $375. Pallet table was $190,  now $75.  Brown loveseat was $164.95, now $50.  Bookstand table (to left of loveseat) was $184.95, now $95.  Queen’s chair and ottoman was $184.95, now $125.  Wardrobe was $425, now $200.

Still not done!  Take a look at this Double Bed, complete with headboard, footboard and rails….was $164.95, now $95!  And this sofa table was $184.95, now $100.

Wait a minute…..why all the furniture discounts?  Because I have a fun new venue to bring you for Christmas and starting into the new year!  And while I have STILL not listed all the deals going on, I hope I have enticed you to come in and see them for yourself!  And one last peek…don’t forget the pieces for your walls!

IMG_8914IMG_8887Until I see you on the front porch of Burlap &  Lace-



Life happens…

6db9211f4c98338f4cce80641f0f1541Morning had broken….the birds were singing, the squirrels were rustling about in the trees outside my window, I had enjoyed my quiet morning reading and planning out my day….yes, the day was shaping up quite nicely.  With one glance to my watch, I figured I had just enough time to throw in a load of laundry before heading down to the shop to start my re-do for the week.  So many ideas were tumbling through my head.  Best get this laundry tumbling too!

With my husband out walking the dog, I headed to our bedroom to strip the bed linens.  Gathering the pile into my arms, I plodded toward the laundry room, enjoying the rhythm of the day.  And then my rhythm broke, and it happened…..

I was suddenly sailing through the air – literally flying the span of two rooms – before banging into the closet wall and landing in a heap on the floor.  I immediately grabbed my right foot, pain searing from the side of it.  What just happened?  I don’t remember my feet tangling in the laundry, I never felt I was tripping….I just suddenly sat in the midst of strung-out bed sheets, holding my foot and wincing in pain.  And that is how my husband found me.

He immediately laughed at the mess, until he saw that I couldn’t stand.  And from there, the day took on a life of its own….nothing of my plans being fulfilled.

Blessings still overtook me, though.  My brother and his wife came to Brevard for lunch, and while that might seem oh so normal to most of you reading this, my brother has been out of the country for a couple of years, returning to the states in late May of this year.  This was the first time I had seen him, and I immediately asked him to put on his professional hat and tell me if I needed an xray.  Fortunate for me, my brother is a doctor!   With a very simple diagnostic test, he said, “Yep, you need an xray.  Your foot is broken at the fifth metatarsal.”  How right he was….

Several hours later, after a trip to Asheville’s Bone and Joint Clinic, I was diagnosed for the second time with a fracture and put into a walking boot, but told to ice my foot and keep it elevated for the next 3-4 days, not being on it for more than 15 minutes every hour.    What that literally means is that I have enough time to wobble myself out of the ice pack encompassing my foot, grab some crutches and get myself to the bathroom, then back into that same position of icing….in about exactly 15 minutes!

With my very ungraceful fall across the floor on Monday, it means that I will be unable to stand at Burlap & Lace to welcome in Fall with you this first week!  Let the icing down of my foot continue as the temperatures begin their own chilling down!

BUT, with the second week of October soon upon us, you can be sure that I will be back on board with new treasures, and new vignettes for you to enjoy!  Another blessing?  Time…..unhurried and lots of it….to plan, to read, to pray and seek what God wants for us in this gorgeous season wrapping all around us.  And while I am being somewhat “forced” into this quiet place, I encourage you to carve out some quiet as well.  Why?   Because one thing I have already noticed about me. Look at this….img_8084.jpgI am prone to sit with eyes downward….searching my phone for the latest news or FB updates….instead of looking up, and out.  Too often I have missed the beauty right in front of me…in the scenery, or in the face of a friend or loved one I am with.  I encourage you – today – to turn your eyes upward and away from what normally entraps you.  Look outward….beyond yourself….and see the beauty all around you.  And remember with me….

The Lord is my Shepherd.  I shall not lack…He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.  Ps. 23

May your soul be restored this day.  See  you in a couple weeks!



Grace for the moments of life –

We received the call on Wednesday late that my husband’s father’s death was imminent.  Not even taking time to put a note on the door of the shop, I posted a FB post hoping to explain the sudden closure of the shop for the next 3 days and off we went on our 5 hour drive.  Arriving at 10:30 p.m. and walking into his dad’s room at the nursing facility, we saw a man whose strength was fading as we were told he had not eaten, awaken or opened his eyes in several days.  By 1 a.m., my husband’s brother and his wife had come in as well.  Sleep was hard to claim that night for all of us….

And then with morning, we arrived at his room to find that he was sitting in the dining room eating breakfast!  The nurses told us he had gotten up that morning, showered and when asked if he was hungry, nodded yes!  So for the next 3 days we enjoyed our time with him.  And although he has not spoken an intelligible word for months, he looked me straight in the eye and said very clearly, “I’m not done yet!”   Then back to bed he went, where he has been since we left last Saturday night.  The sweetest moments?  They were there, and I share them with you….

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails.  I Corn 13: 7-8

Pop will always love his bride!  Knowing that he loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ makes his life, or his death, sweet.

So thank you for the grace you have shown me upon reopening this week.   With Vintage Market Days just around the corner (next weekend!) and the shop opening on August 31, there is much to be done.  Yet, you have come in to give and get hugs and speak encouragement to my overwhelmed heart.  God is so good to me.

So what is new at Burlap & Lace this week?  Let’s see….IMG_7903This dresser/chest is a chosen favorite.  Priced at $374.95 it will be gone soon I am sure.  BUT, it’s still here today!  Drop in today or tomorrow morning to see it in person.  IMG_8006I specifically chose this picture to show that not everything in my store is “old”, “used” or “worn”.  In fact, quite the opposite!  Vintage doesn’t mean “junk”.  At Burlap & Lace, the word vintage is actually more of an expression of the type items you will find.  And yes, there are things here that have been loved in another home or life at some point in time.  But there are also brand new things (my sister’s pillows, these fun cosmetic bags, the wreath) that would grace your home or life or make fantastic gifts.  So don’t assume it’s all furniture!  In fact, with the upcoming move, expect more and more gift items to come in that will hold the same vintage appeal for me and for you!IMG_7893This secretary (desk) comes complete with the keys for those drawers/cabinets!   $324.95  Headed to VMD with it next week if still here….IMG_8003I would put this piece in a kitchen for showing off platters, etc. and hide my cook books behind those gorgeous glass doors.  OR in a bath, load it up with linens and bath accessories.  OR in a study/den area it would be perfect as a bookcase.  Honestly, this piece would go anywhere you wanted to put it!

New “smalls” have arrived….from copper pieces to ceramic figurines.  and check out that antique paper roller holding soaps!  What do I always say?  “Think outside the box!”

New throw rugs in as well…to use on the floor, or on a table as a mat.  Cool ideas and cool colors to choose from!

These pictures don’t do justice to my new wall art having just arrived!  Lynn Driver, local artist, has partnered with me to bring you some amazing pieces for your walls or shelves.  Most will be at VMD, but others will appear in the shop so be on the lookout!  These are beautiful pieces at affordable prices….made especially with you in mind!

Last of all, come let me serve you as we journey through this life together.  Be it new home design ideas you need, or a hug on the path of life, I offer both!  Can’t wait to see you again.




Vintage Market Days, here I come!

Countdowns both thrill and scare me!  22 days from today I will be at Vintage Market Days of Asheville.  Sure do hope you will be too!  It’s not too late to get your tickets, and my personal recommendation is to purchase the VIP ticket for $20, which gets you in the entire weekend, PLUS your own designated parking area, PLUS 2 hours of shopping before the actual opening of the event to the public, PLUS… much more!  Go to today and don’t delay any longer!  You’ll be so glad that you did!

To peek your interest for the event, let me share a few things with you that will be heading to market (unless they sell in the shop first!)….IMG_7856There has been debate over what this piece actually is.  I purchased it from an antique dealer and was told it was a child’s washbasin.  Regardless of its intended original purpose, I would personally make it a nightstand or a chair-side table.  It has two shelves inside and a lovely wood scallop top to it.  IMG_7838A new personal favorite is this small desk.  Take a peek inside the drawer and you will find a place for pens and an inkwell hole! IMG_7850Such a sweet pitcher and glass set.  Topping this vintage mirror, what a perfect greeting for your lemonade-drinking guests!

Linens are plentiful at Burlap &  Lace because I love using them!  You will find table runners, dresser scarves, tablecloths, hankies, pillowcases, aprons and even vintage nightgowns!IMG_7857This week’s personal favorite are the candlesticks/vases.  Look closely!  You turn them one way, insert candles and you have the makings for a romantic dinner table.  Flip them over and add flowers and you have a delightful addition to your bathroom, guest bedroom or kitchen counter.

From Radio Flyer comes this adorable shelf….for inside or out!  Plenty of vintage bottles and glass to choose from this month!IMG_7851

Now let me whet your appetite for some items that are not currently in the shop but that will be coming to VMD….IMG_7453What a beauty!  This chest stands proudly against a backdrop of a window or wall, perfect for bedroom or living space.  IMG_7454Desks are always items my customers request, and this one is a beauty!   Complete with keys, tucked behind those doors are shelves.  IMG_7455A good friend once told me that every room needs an anchor of black in it.  With all the farmhouse white that will be seen at VMD, I can’t wait to show you how to mix in this ebony piece to pull together a dynamite room that can boast both the farmhouse whites and some elements of black.  Remember, I am taking you “home for the holidays”, centering on Thanksgiving and Christmas decor at VMD.  We are in for so much fun!

Pillows make great accent pieces for any room or porch.  The ones you see here will be gone after August 12.  They are currently in the shop and you will not see them again until next season.  That being said, if you want them, better stop in soon!

Beginning this week, I am featuring a “pillow of the month” for you to enjoy.  As you may recall, my sister creates most of the pillows you find in my shop.  Love these newbies!

Last thing for today that I want to share is what’s coming both to VMD and to the shop….a new artist’s work!  I hope to feature her soon with a write up, but until then, let me give you a preview of what’s coming….IMG_7858Her pumpkins make me want to hurry home and get the turkey in the oven!  Just love her style…

Hydrangeas and nests….two things I am absolutely inspired by.  Stay tuned for more to come…and until we meet again,




The Little Girl in me…still has Big Girl dreams!

IMG_7676I recently watched my 2 year old granddaughter tug on her hot pink rain boots and enjoy splashing about in puddles while the rain bothered her none.  Walking in those same boots after the rain had passed, we stopped in front of a field of flowers to take her picture…I smile at the remembrance now.  That so would have been me 54 years ago!  (Gulp at the age now!)

Finding the picture above was a “must purchase”….because as you probably know by now, I only surround myself with the things I love in my shop, and my loves are many….especially things that arouse my memory to sweet moments of my past!

Look again at those soaps and soap dishes, for instance.  My grandmother, for as many of her 99 years that I can remember of her, ended nearly every day by taking a long hot bath.  I try to follow her in her footsteps because there’s something so soothing about letting the day’s drama fade away beneath the suds.  That being said, the soap and the dish are part of the experience!  You will find both within the walls of my sweet little shop.

And speaking of my shop….I have a surprise to share with you!  Burlap & Lace is moving to a new location!!!!!

IMG_7511Can this dream of mine possibly be any more fulfilled than this?!?  When I opened the doors of Burlap &  Lace on Osborne Road in March, I knew it would not be my stopping place.  What I was not prepared to know was how wonderfully God had held this spot for me and that He would reveal it to me at just the right time.  The new address?  244 W Main Street, Brevard, NC….just down the street from Marcos Trattoria and diagonally across from the Brevard Post Office.  And, I must say as well, only a short stroll to the Blue Ridge Bakery!

IMG_7538Soon – this signpost will hold my sign and yours will be the steps coming up the sidewalk to the front porch where you may choose to linger a while before, during or after your visit!  I can’t wait to unveil Burlap &  Lace there!

I have to marvel at the details that God has already taken care of…..from the wrap-around porch I have dreamed of having to the trellis of flowers to the wisps of pink floral beauty sprinkled all throughout the property.  (My granddaughter and I have this thing for pink!)

Of course a house – THIS house – has a kitchen, and I can almost smell the yum coming from it as I take you back to the days of true vintage baking!

IMG_7667I envision cozy nooks for reading and stories unfolding as you creak along the boards of this 1915 home with me.  But until the opening date there, you can still find me on Osborne Road, fully stocked and enjoying the day to day flowing of people in and out.

IMG_6667So if you haven’t met this amazing husband of mine yet, let me introduce you!  No, he’s not the handyman on site, but you will surely see him there from time to time.  He sets the bar high for you men out there….in service, in love, in purity, in faithfulness, in wisdom.  So as I share this great news with you, I wouldn’t think to leave him out of the story!

Look for these new pieces to be arriving soon….and until then, thanks for sharing the journey with me, and this great news with others you think may want to know!