Finding my place

I’ve felt about as scattered as these Fall leaves….praying consistently for the last several months about where to “land” with Burlap & Lace. I have longed to blog again, and until now, the time has not allowed for it. Time I’ve spent in other arenas, doing other things….

A team of three met together in August with the owner of a local florist and began building a dream she had of reviving her shop of 30+ years and turning it into something new. That dream came to fruition in October as the Co-op of Roosters & Hens was born (a division of Country Creations Florist). And the goal was that the three of us would revitalize, work and give our time and resources to the shop owner for a period of three months, then meet again to see what was next for us all.

Those three months ended with the close of 2018, and with the launching of a new year came the close of my time at the Co-op.

In weighing out my options through prayer and daily discussions with my HubE, we knew that 2019 was to be about scaling down….as that was the original goal in closing my brick & morter shop last August and helping someone else redesign theirs. So where, you ask, does that take Burlap & Lace, and what will this scaling down look like?

To be honest, I don’t know 100% but I’m excited to see where God leads me!

To be sure, it’s been a learning process for me these last few months….one that I’m confident is not over. I long to get back to writing…something I love and have neglected. And for sure I long to continue my design efforts, accepting new and more challenging opportunities to do so.

You will soon find me in a new location – The Marketplace on Locust in Hendersonville, NC while I will continue at The Garage on 25 in Arden as well, although my space will take on a new look soon as I continue my journey toward scaling back. Too many spaces has caused a disconnect between my brain and my body (meaning less creativity caused by a strain to be in too many places doing too many different things).

I don’t plan to leave my love of vintage. (My children still remind me that I AM vintage!) And you will likely always find me bringing nature indoors in my design antics. I’ll still search for the lost and forgotten treasures to see how I can bring new life and purpose to these timeless beauties, but you will begin to see a breath of “new” popping up in my designs as well. It’s nothing new to me, really, as I have always taken on a bit of an eclectic look in our own home. It just suits me….mixing the old with the new.

So here’s to winter’s passing and the looking ahead to fresh, new beginnings as we roll into this New Year. May you and I experience a renewal in our minds as well as our bodies as we seek to be all that God has created us to be. It is, afterall, all for Him.



Goodbye is the hardest thing to say….

IMG_1245It’s raining….figuratively.  Blessings have a way of doing that….pouring down on you when you least expect them.

Such was the way of God when He led me to “this old house” on W Main Street.  And I’ve been dancing here for a year now….literally dancing!  Dancing with joy over the news of babies being born and weddings taking place.  And I’ve embraced a few storms along the way, dancing all the way through them because of your prayers and hugs and words of encouragement.  For those reasons alone, it is hard to say good-bye to this dream-become-reality.  And yet it’s time.  Because God has something else in mind for me now.

As early as next week, I will be moved into The Garage on 25, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m not closing Burlap & Lace, but I am relocating it to a smaller space where I will be “one” among “many”.  And I am inviting you to come find me and discover others within that amazing space.

And it would honor me if you would be my guests on the very last business day in this location – Saturday, July 28 – 10:00 – 5:30.  There will be music, and maybe some dancing even!  There will be tons of last minute deals so you will want to shop those as well.  There will be ticket giveaways all day for Vintage Market Days of Asheville….so come on by and enjoy the party!  And above all, let me give you one final hug on the front porch, and a bottle of water as you continue on your journey.

Thank you for making this last year something very special.  I hold each of you dear in my heart.



To everything there is a season –

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

A new season has come to Burlap & Lace…one of addition, change and excitement.  But sometimes with change, assumptions are made incorrectly.  So let me set the record straight before going any further with this blog post….IMG_2307This lovely telephone table sets the stage perfectly for my story to unfold.   When I was a teenager, we had this amazing thing called a telephone (no iPhone or cell phone).  This device had a cord that was attached to a wall plug and a shorter, curly stretch cord that attached the receiver to the telephone, enabling conversation with those you had likely just left minutes before on the school yard but felt you just didn’t get enough time to talk things over.  (No texting with that “last word”). And you certainly couldn’t do anything else while you talked because the cord wasn’t long enough to allow that! So you had conversations that were fully involved in every way and you needed a place to sit still while you talked! Tables like this were “the thing” to have in your home.  Now, they make perfect conversation pieces about “the good ‘ol days” as well as bringing functionality to your home.  Imagine this piece with a reading lamp, magazines or school books tucked inside where the phone book used to go and an evening of uninterrupted reading (or sewing, or homework. ) You get the idea!

Because I had caring parents, my conversations with my friends had time limits set on them because…..perhaps…..someone else might want to use this wonderful device too!  I confess that as a teenager, my conversations were more about “that boy”, or “did you see how she was dressed today?” than anything of substance…..and truthful as I hate to admit, they were little more than gossip.  Yep….that thing that destroys friendships and parts people without cause.

Today we have many ways to gossip…..too many….Facebook, Instagram, text messages, phone conversations in Ingles or Walmart where the whole world is privy to “did you know what she’s done now” type things, and it is that which I wish to set straight.

IMG_2367In a world of flowers and beautiful things (did you notice that print above?  It’s the world in floral design!),  sometimes our motives are totally misunderstood.  Like mine….of taking in two new vendors.  Yes, you heard correctly, and I could not be more excited!

And the comments of “she’s closing up shop” and “she’s taking from other store owners by inviting them into her shop” couldn’t be further from the truth. I remember so well the days of my small beginnings….a pole as a booth space in a local shop here in Brevard.  Someone “took a chance” on me, and I fondly remember them daily for that act of kindness.  And then 4 others did the same for me over a period of 6 years as I opened booth space after booth space.  One thing I wanted was to have multiple spaces in different places so that I had more opportunities of my wares (and truthfully, my name) being discovered.  Makes sense if your goal is to be a business, right?

Same is true of Stephanie’s Creations, who has joined Burlap & Lace with intention and with the blessing of Country Creations owner, Sheila McCall, where you can also find Stephanie’s Creations in the front window space.  Sheila and I have been friends for years, and we help one another out as we can….with ideas, with inventory, with help toting and moving and cleaning and working….isn’t that what friends do for one another?  And while it really is no ones business to know that, we do live in a small town, and some of my customers have seen me “working” at Sheila’s shop and have witnessed her at mine as well.  And who would have imagined the stir that has caused?  Certainly neither myself nor Sheila!

So let me put a stop to the rumors and gossip by saying first of all that neither Country Creations nor Burlap & Lace is “going under” and closing.  We both share a love of Stephanie and her style, so now you can find Stephanie’s Creations in two places in town!  And for Sheila and me, that is a win/win.

Stephanie brings with her a mix of French Country styling and farmhouse design.  And her expertise in her painting and decorating style happens to be one of the things I was drawn to immediately.  Like the country song, “she’s a little bit country and a little bit rock & roll”, I think Stephanie is “a little bit french country and a little bit farmhouse style”!  She’s English, so she brings in a completely different feel than I ever could, and I love that about her!  She simply is who she is and that honest, sweet personality is evidenced in her pieces.

IMG_2370Take this music-covered table for instance.  Stephanie’s clever design would be perfect for the home of the music enthusiast! It has plenty of room for a lamp, a drink, books or….music!

And talk about farmhouse styling….check out these adorable pillows!  Smaller in size, they tuck easily in a basket (such as seen here) for pulling out for the grand-kids, or to toss on a bed or in a chair.  Lots of designs to choose from!  And that green canister set!  For real use or simply decor, these are top of my list of pics from her room at Burlap & Lace!

IMG_2365Stephanie’s furniture speaks for itself.  She makes her own chalk paint and does easy distressing on all her pieces to create that farmhouse style we have all come to love.

Now let me show you some of the things you will find in Stephanie’s Creations booth space at Country Creations!

While you settle on the new discovery of Stephanie’s Creations at Burlap & Lace, let me introduce my second new vendor to you….Elizabeth Beasley.

Elizabeth also brings a unique styling experience…. Vintage style mixed with antique discoveries.

I love that antique dresser with glass knobs!  And the marble top makes for a quick clean up if makeup spills on it or you over-water that plant gracing it!


Elizabeth’s clothesline full of linens draws me back to days of summer breezes….ummm….soon to come!  But until they do, come see the wares she brings with her to Burlap & Lace!

One other thing to note at Burlap & Lace is that spring has finally settled in and the porch area is beginning to show small steps of that floral beauty….

There are several vintage planters on the porch, but don’t forget to take stock of the yard!  New planters have been added, some with plants and some without.  So take a walk around the yard on your next visit.

Lastly, I leave you with some of the whimsical style of Burlap & Lace that you’ve come to know so well….

I appreciate YOU and the shout-outs you’ve been giving Burlap & Lace in your Facebook reviews.  Help me spread the news that is factual…..two new vendors have come to the shop and I couldn’t be happier about sharing them with you!

Until we meet again,



He’s not done with me yet!

This should have been me today, but oh no…..I am usually the one you would NEVER find sitting around….always doing the heavy lifting that three men and a boy usually do.  And today, my stubbornness cost me dearly….in more ways than one….

and it’s the first day I’ve cried at Burlap &  Lace.

Let’s just leave it at this….I was trying to help someone by carrying a small dresser to the door for them (and if my husband is reading this I am going to be in so much trouble when I get home tonight!), but as I sat it down and turned around to get the drawers for it all in one swift motion, one of the legs of the dresser was obviously not on the ground well and the piece tumbled off the step and landed upside down.  A piece was broken off the corner of the dresser, and one of the drawers was broken.  Although the drawer was easily fixable and I immediately set out to make the situation right in every way I could, the situation allowed things to be said and done that hurt me to the core.  So I did what every good newbie shop owner would do….I made it right financially for the couple, fixed the drawer and once they were on their way, I walked inside and dissolved in tears.  Not so much because of them, but because of the inadequacy I immediately felt flood through me.

And the day continued on that path with one difficult situation after the other.  I was beginning to let that become my focus until I remembered my morning time with the Lord.  “Give thanks in all things”….

Yes, Lord.  Thank You that I have two feet and I am able to walk.  Thank You that You bring people to my sweet little shop that YOU want to come here.  Thank You for friends who come  in with kind, supportive words and with cookies warm from the oven.  Thank You for those that make me laugh….out loud even!  Thank You for meeting every need I have….spiritually, financially, mentally, physically.  Thank You that at the end of this work day, this is what I get to go home to…..

IMG_9349Thank You for leaves that lay on our grass, bringing awareness to me that the season is changing, and You are still changing me from glory to glory…..perfecting me to be more like Your image every day.

I feel a bit like that broken corner of the dresser with my broken foot in this boot still, but I rejoice that I CAN do all things through Christ Who gives me strength! And while I will keep on believing that I can move mountains, please….until I get both feet healed completely, be understanding and bring help with you to move those great pieces you buy from me.  I really do appreciate your business, but most of all….I appreciate that you know I’m doing my very best to bring you a cozy place to shop and be with friends.  And that is exactly what I consider each of you…friends.



Sharing the things you are thankful for

With the purchase of the turkey and the details of the meal being carefully considered, it might escape us to remember why we are celebrating.  Thanksgiving isn’t something taught.  It’s a way of life, a rhythm of your heart if you will.  And I suggest that the best way to celebrate the things we are thankful for is to daily celebrate them, and share them.

IMG_9185Celebrate your family…

This is my husband.   He is my witness to the good, the bad and the ugly in my life, day in and day out.  Nothing escapes his notice…not my attitude (good or bad) and not the way I share life with him and those I meet daily.  He encourages me to be all that God has made me to be….daily.  And so I celebrate him – the integrity that he walks in, the way he loves God and through that relationship loves me well, the forgiveness he shows me when I fail.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me!

IMG_9243Celebrate your home…

My grandmother used to tell us, “Little birds in their nest must agree!”  The point was that we all lived within a small space, and we best learn to get along!  Whether your home is a pallet on the ground or a towering home among the pines, celebrate that you have a place to rest your head.  A home is built from the love you pour into it and the prayers you pour over it.  Celebrate your home.  And share it with those that God brings your way.

IMG_8876Celebrate the food you eat…

Likely, you are not among those who have ever known starvation.  Granted, we complain about our weight, the clothes that don’t fit and often the food we have to eat.  But did you just read that?  The food we have….to…  Celebrate that you have food.  And drink.  Fresh water is a blessing.  And share what you have with others.  You never know who may need what you have to give.

One of the things that I thank the Lord for daily is Burlap & Lace….the little shop that He has given me to share with you.  I don’t take that lightly.  I have said, and mean it, that if you simply want to come grab a bottle of water from the frig and sit on the porch among friends, do it!  You are always welcome!

Until we meet on the porch…




Life happens…

6db9211f4c98338f4cce80641f0f1541Morning had broken….the birds were singing, the squirrels were rustling about in the trees outside my window, I had enjoyed my quiet morning reading and planning out my day….yes, the day was shaping up quite nicely.  With one glance to my watch, I figured I had just enough time to throw in a load of laundry before heading down to the shop to start my re-do for the week.  So many ideas were tumbling through my head.  Best get this laundry tumbling too!

With my husband out walking the dog, I headed to our bedroom to strip the bed linens.  Gathering the pile into my arms, I plodded toward the laundry room, enjoying the rhythm of the day.  And then my rhythm broke, and it happened…..

I was suddenly sailing through the air – literally flying the span of two rooms – before banging into the closet wall and landing in a heap on the floor.  I immediately grabbed my right foot, pain searing from the side of it.  What just happened?  I don’t remember my feet tangling in the laundry, I never felt I was tripping….I just suddenly sat in the midst of strung-out bed sheets, holding my foot and wincing in pain.  And that is how my husband found me.

He immediately laughed at the mess, until he saw that I couldn’t stand.  And from there, the day took on a life of its own….nothing of my plans being fulfilled.

Blessings still overtook me, though.  My brother and his wife came to Brevard for lunch, and while that might seem oh so normal to most of you reading this, my brother has been out of the country for a couple of years, returning to the states in late May of this year.  This was the first time I had seen him, and I immediately asked him to put on his professional hat and tell me if I needed an xray.  Fortunate for me, my brother is a doctor!   With a very simple diagnostic test, he said, “Yep, you need an xray.  Your foot is broken at the fifth metatarsal.”  How right he was….

Several hours later, after a trip to Asheville’s Bone and Joint Clinic, I was diagnosed for the second time with a fracture and put into a walking boot, but told to ice my foot and keep it elevated for the next 3-4 days, not being on it for more than 15 minutes every hour.    What that literally means is that I have enough time to wobble myself out of the ice pack encompassing my foot, grab some crutches and get myself to the bathroom, then back into that same position of icing….in about exactly 15 minutes!

With my very ungraceful fall across the floor on Monday, it means that I will be unable to stand at Burlap & Lace to welcome in Fall with you this first week!  Let the icing down of my foot continue as the temperatures begin their own chilling down!

BUT, with the second week of October soon upon us, you can be sure that I will be back on board with new treasures, and new vignettes for you to enjoy!  Another blessing?  Time…..unhurried and lots of it….to plan, to read, to pray and seek what God wants for us in this gorgeous season wrapping all around us.  And while I am being somewhat “forced” into this quiet place, I encourage you to carve out some quiet as well.  Why?   Because one thing I have already noticed about me. Look at this….img_8084.jpgI am prone to sit with eyes downward….searching my phone for the latest news or FB updates….instead of looking up, and out.  Too often I have missed the beauty right in front of me…in the scenery, or in the face of a friend or loved one I am with.  I encourage you – today – to turn your eyes upward and away from what normally entraps you.  Look outward….beyond yourself….and see the beauty all around you.  And remember with me….

The Lord is my Shepherd.  I shall not lack…He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters; He restores my soul.  Ps. 23

May your soul be restored this day.  See  you in a couple weeks!



True confessions….

My first book was published in 2013…Only One Gets the Prize.   And in it I wrote this:

Determine what your passion is.  Determine. Don’t just fling out some random thought and wonder if it is what defines you.  Determine.  Decide beyond one shadow of a doubt that this is the thing you desire above all other things.  Why determine and not just decide?  Because whatever you determine in your heart is the thing you will pursue.  You will become steadfast in your pursuit.  Nothing will be able to turn you back from your pursuit.  Nothing will pull you away from it.  And it is the thing that will also pursue you because it is what you have set your heart on.  Determine what your passion is.  

So here comes my confession, for those of you who care to know it.  My passion….my pursuit since I was 33 years old….has been to know my Savior as deeply as I possibly can.  Jesus is my life, and I don’t mind telling anyone that.  He has saved me from more than you would ever believe.  And I love Him.

Knowing that God has a specific purpose for my life does not mean that it is easy to know  exactly every minute of every day that I am on the path He has marked out for me.  But I do know that if I continue to pursue Him first, He will make the pathway clear for me.

And that leads me to the rest of my confession.  I love to write.  Always have if I am honest with myself.  With the publication of my first book, I thought that the desire to write would leave.  In fact the opposite has been true….I now have not one, not two but three books in mind to write!  Whew!  Let’s suffice it to say that I have begun book #2 with a goal completion date in mind (this year!).

But I also love to create…specifically, I have learned over the past several years just how very much I enjoy designing spaces as an outlet for my creativity, and that passion has deepened this past year as I have been able to fulfill yet another dream of mine….having a store front window space at Main Street Market Shops in Brevard, NC!

This blog is my breezeway to lead you now from one dream of mine to another….to let you  know that as of December 31, 2015, I will be closing the doors to Burlap & Lace for a season in order that I can pursue writing more in hopes of finishing that second book! AND, who knows what else God may have in store for me?

One thing I clearly want to continue is this blog.  And I am determined to spend some of my creative energy  creating spaces within my own home this next year….so look for the same inspiration to come through this blog site, only instead of my booth space, with ideas from my own home decorating schemes!

You will still find Burlap & Lace in the window at Main Street Market shops for the next 2 months, as I finish out my year of celebrating the people in my life who have helped shape my creative bent and my love of life.  In fact, this Friday will be a total re-do, so if you see it there now, best stop in and get it!

Thanks for following my site…Stay tuned!  I hope you will continue to find your own creative outlet, even as you follow along with the journey I am on and explore with me the new paths ahead.  And while you journey with me, consider this:

Determine your passion!

Blessings –



“Do one thing, and do it well.”

My children and I give full credit to my husband for being a man of great “one liners”.  In fact, one day I may just write a book of his “themes” that are handed down to us as wisdom statements.

Over and over this past month, his words have stung my heart as they floated past my ears.  “Connie, just do one thing, and do it well.”  He knows my passion for expanding my business, and my ability to let things take on a life of their own.  To me, expanding my business meant being in more than one location.  But I have learned that in such a small town as we live in, that simply doesn’t lend itself to anything but exhaustion!

I have attempted to house Burlap & Lace in multiple locations across this small town I live in, thinking that was “the answer” to expanding my business without having to drive 40 miles to keep and maintain a second booth space.  But because of the uniqueness of Brevard and its shops, I realized that to grow in this manner would actually necessitate diversifying the type merchandise I offered in order to be more unique in the different locations, and that totally went against the grain of the fabric of my business.

My ultimate dream has been to own my own business….to stroll to the quaint little doors of a downtown shop before sunrise on any given morning, slip the key to my shop into the keyhole and walk through the door of a place “all my own”….where once the lights were turned up and the sun gave way to a new day, those passing by might stop to gaze excitedly through the windows and then hurry inside to see what treasures they might scoop up before the next person beat them to the find.

Imagine, then, my enormous delight when the owners of Main Street Market Shops called me one Sunday afternoon and said, “Connie, we want you to take our window space.  We love your style and the way you create.  Are you interested?”  Are you kidding?  Am I interested?  YES!!!!!  I am interested! 

God has a way of fulfilling our dreams and delighting our hearts in ways that are not quite as we imagined, but are oh so much better than we could have dared to dream.  Really.  So much better….

So let me introduce you to Main Street Market Shops, the new home of Burlap & Lace.  Main Street Market Shops is located on Main Street in downtown Brevard, directly across from Mayberry’s and next door to Gravy and Fox Hollow Gifts.  Owned by the same gentlemen that own Fox Hollow Gifts, you will be greeted with some good ‘ol Southern charm when you enter their doors!



Let me give you a preview of my new space…..with entertainment being the “theme” this month…


  IMG_3062IMG_3061 IMG_3058IMG_3065

As I finished setting up my space last week, the sun was setting and my heart was questioning if I had done the right thing.  This was a big step for me and it was going to require me to make some more changes…significant ones.  I turned to leave the shop, and my eyes fell on this in my newly created window….


God let the last rays of daylight seep through the window and onto a canvas I had painted, giving me a message my heart desperately needed to hear.  I embraced the moment.

So what about Country Creations?  Ah….

Sheila, Christy and Candace have been amazing to me.  The last year (and then some) has been full of fun, friendships and sharing life with these ladies.  I pray those days continue even though my business is finding a new home.  I will close my booth space at Country Creations on February 28th.  What that means is a great big SALE through the end of February!  Begin to look for mark-downs on merchandise that is there through the end of this month.   And then please come find me at Main Street Market Shops!  I’m not gone…I’ve just changed locations.  And not because they haven’t been amazing to me at Country Creations, but because God is fulfilling yet another dream of mine.

Coming in March…..I’m going to have a GARDEN PARTY and you are invited!  You will not want to miss this …  Main Street Market Shops …

March 1-31.

Until then, blessings.


Home Decor, and so much more…

Beth TriceMeet Beth.

She’s probably the single greatest reason I love home decorating the way I do, though I’ve likely never told her so.

Beth and I were college roommates, and being the home economics major that she was, her love for sewing and cooking was contagious enough that I wanted to ‘watch and learn’ from her then, and still do!  Today I credit her  with the reason I have a blog, for when I got hooked on reading hers, I decided to start my own and she was instrumental in helping me do just that by answering a dozen questions flung her way.  So hats off to you this month, Beth, for inspiring me to dream big, and to achieve more than I could have ever imagined!  This blog’s for you!

Two things are especially noteworthy this month for Burlap & Lace – (1) the continuation of my heritage as lived out through the remembrance of my grandmothers and (2) expansion (finally!) into a new location that I can’t wait to share with you!

My grandmothers were two very different women with two very definite and differing personalities.  One sparked energy, artistic ability, and a love of the outdoors while the other was quiet, proper and very unassuming.  As a young girl growing up around both women, I bounced nearly every weekend from painting with watercolors to playing games of Old Maid to hitting golf balls in the back yard to sitting quietly in a room with a china teacup perched on my lap.  Featured this month at Burlap & Lace are remembrances of my wonderful grandmothers and what they have taught me.










My art work boasts of  things that remind me of both women and of days gone by.  Flowers were a favorite of both grandmothers and put a smile on my face as well, so you will see a lot of those this month both in the art, and in other uses and forms.  There will be more of a mix of color mingled in as well, as I could not possibly limit a color scheme to either grandmother (though they both loved yellow and they both loved pink).

IMG_2954One grandmother knitted and crocheted, so I wanted to be sure to include these baby caps handmade by my daughter-in-law.  These would be the perfect baby gifts for that special someone in your life!  And making February even more special this year is that my daughter-in-law is expecting her first baby (my first grandchild!) this month as well!

In keeping with the celebration topic comes news of the expansion that I spoke of earlier.  This month, I have opened my second shop located at Main Street Market Shops (next door to Gravy) in downtown Brevard.  I am VERY excited about this opportunity for expansion and hope you will drop in to either Country Creations or to Main Street Market Shops to see what you may find!  I have only just begun to set up at Main Street Market Shops, but let’s take a peek preview….

IMG_2977 IMG_2976 IMG_2971








You can expect to see some changes there in the week ahead as I get settled in there.  You know I will keep you posted!

Blessings in the journey –





Did any of you ever watch The Lucy Show?  If so, you know the line….”Lucy!  You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”  I am in that boat with Lucille Ball tonight, and wish to confess something to you.  I hear confession is good for the soul, and I believe in good health!

In my anxiousness for expansion of Burlap & Lace, I did something I knew not to do so quickly, but I ignored that “still, small voice” and put my hands over my ears as I signed the contract on a second booth space in a second location in town.  There was so much that  didn’t play into that decision….such as discussing it with my husband first, and waiting to see if this was the right place.  It so happens that my husband is an amazing man, and while he was not unhappy with me for the decision (once I told him what I had done), I wrestled over it all night after signing the contract on my new space.  In fact, God gave me a dream that has yet to leave me, and it was so very astounding that I carried it with me to church Sunday morning.

Our youth pastor spoke Sunday, and his sermon on being a hypocrite didn’t begin to sting me until I was home and still thinking about my dream.  It was then that I realized that I needed to talk again with my husband, and to tell him that I had tried to make this expansion sound so good to him that I was even deceiving myself into thinking it was the right thing…at the right time.

Why do I choose to share that with you? Because obedience matters.  And it costs us something.

For me, the cost was submitting to the authority God has placed over me (my husband), knowing that He has done so for my own good!  Expansion may still come, but it will be when the timing is right, and after I have learned obedience through the things I suffer.  (And lest you misunderstand, listening to my husband is not suffering –  Losing the money I had put down in rent on the space is!  Not to mention the loss of peace in my hasty decision to take on that second space!)

You will still find me at Country Creations…happily decorating my booth space and probably even singing while I do so!  It’s where God led me, and where He has blessed the fruit of my labor.  To Him be the glory…forever.

I challenge you to look at your own life, and see where obedience needs to play out, before it costs you more than you can pay.  And remember this…Jesus really did pay it all…His life, for yours.  I dare say He is trustworthy to follow, and to obey.